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Five quick and easy ways to support colleagues with dyslexia

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Someone who is struggling to meet targets or who is experiencing high levels of stress may haveSupporting paper cut outs an undiagnosed specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia.

As dyslexia is a ‘hidden disability’, it’s not always obvious to others. This can lead to untold stress in the workplace for people affected by the condition. With the right tools and support, organisations can bring out the best in their employees.

Here are five quick and easy ways to help colleagues with dyslexia in your organisation;

1. Educate
It is important for all employees to know what dyslexia is and how it impacts colleagues.

2. Verbal or written instructions?
Some people may prefer verbal instructions and others may prefer instructions given in writing. Either way, it is important to focus on the objectives of the tasks and remove any other information that is not relevant. The clearer the message, the easier it will be for them to understand.

3. Developing time management and organisational skills
Good time management is a great skill. It is particularly important for people with dyslexia as it helps them manage their days more effectively. By breaking the day into blocks, employees cancall centre staff focus on one task at a time, complete that task and then move on to the next.

4. Location, location, location
For someone who is dyslexic, sitting in a busy area where there can be a high flow of traffic, can be extremely challenging.

To help a colleague with dyslexia, try to find an area of the office where there is the least amount of disturbances or distractions.

5. Assistive technology (AT)

BATA* carried out a survey in 2013 which found that three quarters of employees using AT, like Read&Write Gold say it has improved their effectiveness at work.


We’d love to hear your hints and tips on supporting your colleagues with dyslexia.

*British Assistive Technology Association

BETT 2013 Round up!

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Welcome Back! It’s been a busy month here at Texthelp with our team out visiting customers and exhibiting at shows, including BETT 2013 at its new location in ExCel London. A small team from Texthelp made the annual pilgrimage to London this year for BETT, excited to show off our dyslexia software and the new look stand!

This year on the stand we decided to take a whole new approach and went for something completely different! If you take a look below you can see the theme we went for – Reach your potential. We chose the salmon swimming upstream to represent people’s struggle to reach their potential. The quote from Albert Einstein (who experts believe was dyslexic) says, “Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree…” This means that everyone is talented in their own way. If you can only judge someone by what they can’t do, then you won’t be able to see what the person can do.

BETT Stand

For some of the team it was their first visit to BETT, Carolyn from our marketing team made her first trip to the annual show this year and said, “I did not know what to expect at all. The sheer size of the exhibition took me by complete surprise and the buzz and energy in the hall was brilliant. As a member of the marketing team, what I enjoyed most was seeing what the different stands had to offer and how they promoted themselves. Between being amazed by giant character mascots on some stands and seeing some seriously funky promotional items, I definitely have some great ideas for next year!”

Laura, from the education team, who had only been with us for a few weeks before she jetted off to BETT said, “I had a great experience at BETT, I especially enjoyed meeting people who had dyslexia as I gained a better insight into the difficulties they face with reading problems and the writing support they need. It was also great hearing from those who use Read&Write GOLD and getting the positive feedback on how it has improved their lives.”


We also ran a competition for people who visited our stand at BETT, offering a Read&Write GOLD site licence for their school, along with sponsorship for a school team of their choice. All the entrants had to do was to tell us why their school needed Read&Write GOLD! We’ve just recently picked a winner from all the fabulous entries – congratulations to Laura Tarve from Eagle House School for winning her school a Read&Write GOLD site licence! We look forward to hearing how the school are using our literacy support software and sponsoring one of their sports teams or societies.

We were joined by Arran and Alan from the British Dyslexia Association for a day who gave us an insight into dyslexia, the symptoms, such as struggling with reading and writing and how our software offers great support!

Visitors to our stand at BETT got a chance to have a sneak preview of our brand new iPad App! Visitors were given a chance to have a play around with this as well as seeing Read&Write for Google Docs in action!


Our team came back filled with positivity about our products and we’re already planning for next year’s show with some exciting ideas up our sleeves!

Did you visit BETT this year? What did you think of the show and its new location?

See you soon!