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Welcome to our blog – Texthelp Talks Back!

We are a group of people who are striving to produce excellent software to help our users improve their reading and writing skills as well as supporting English language learning. This is the place where we’ll try and give you an insight as to what goes on inside our company!

We want to share with you our exciting news and developments, get your input and opinions and let you in on some insider knowledge from an assistive technology company. So, what does Texthelp do? We are a company who develops literacy support software. “Literacy support software? What’s that?” I hear you ask. I too wondered this about five months ago, before I started working at Texthelp. Essentially, we develop software to help individuals who struggle with reading and/or need some writing support to become confident and independent learners. However, since joining Texthelp five months ago, I now realise we do so much more! We also produce some great English language learning software, we offer support on iPad, iPhone and mobile devices and we have software to develop oral reading fluency.

But that’s enough about what we do for now! More importantly, who are we? We are a highly skilled team from far and wide, based in a little town in Northern Ireland called Antrim, who you will get to know over the course of this blog. We have a lot of fun on a day-to-day basis coming up with new wacky marketing ideas as well as new concepts and branding for our products. We are looking forward to bringing you more exciting news from HQ very soon and hearing your views.

For more information and news directly from us, you can visit our website!

See you soon,

PS. One of the features of our Read&Write GOLD software is a Speech Maker function. By using this we can produce an MP3 version of each of our blog entries for you to listen to. You can find it at the top of each of our posts!

1 thought on “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Jonathan Rouse

    Hi to everyone at TextHelp. This is a great idea to have a blog, and it gives me an opportunity to thank Jonathan Walker for his time over the past couple of days visiting some DSA centres with Microlink to discuss the range of programs and support within the DSA environment. The ongoing development of the programs TextHelp produce is ground breaking as new technology becomes more mainstream so please keep up the great work.


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